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Lesa has been puppeteering for television and theatre since 2006 when she played Hilda Hare in Sesame Tree,  Sesame Workshop's Northern Irish co-production of Sesame Street.  

Lesa has since continued to develop her skills as a puppeteer for stage and screen and has performed in a number of shows for BBC .

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Claire Grogan Photography: 2016


Lesa originally studied to be a biochemist at Queen's University, Belfast.  After studying for two years, Lesa decided to retrain and pursue her passion as an actress.

She received her BA in Drama from Queen's University and has been working and living in London since 2009.  In 2011 she was picked as one of the top 25 up and coming theatre actors by The Old Vic Theatre in London.  She subsequently performed in Talking of Michaelangelo at the Vineyard Theatre in New York City.

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Lesa Gillespie: 2015

MoCap Artist 

In 2015 Lesa began training as a Motion Capture Artist with The MoCap Academy through Audiomotion Studios in Oxford.

Lesa intends to continue developing the skills and techniques needed to pursue a successful career as a Motion Capture Artist for film, television and game development.

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